Davutpasa Hamami

Address: A. Nafiz Gurman Str. No 21, Samatya, Fatih, Istanbul.
Web: Davutpasabath.com 
Davutpasa is is a historical Turkish bath located in Samatya district. Although it is not very centrally located compared to rival venues, it became popular since 2013 due to its relatively liberal atmosphere. It is some 15 minutes walking distance to Yenikapi Metro station, which is easy to reach from Taksim area with M2 metro line. If you are staying in Sultanahmet district you can take a short taxi ride or walk there after coming to Aksaray by T1 tramcar line, in some 20-25 minutes. Following IETT Public buses also passes from nearby Davutpasa-Langa bus stop:
71AT Taksim >Atakoy and 72YT Taksim>Yesilkoy bu lines.
81 Eminonu>Yesilkoy / BN1 Eminopnu>Halkali and BN2 Eminonu>Kucukcekmece bus lines.

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February 10 2017  "I went to Davutpasa Hamami last year and found it to be good. As you enter, the left side is all straight acting - which is where they give you a bath etc. The right side has gay action going on :) the have rooms but if they have doubts about you they give you one right in front of their main counter (very public). They do have more private locations on the right side. The place was clean and the staff was friendly (too friendly in my case :)..."

November 05 2015 "I went to Davupasa last night because I am staying in the old part. I don't think there were any straight men there. All gay. Guys went into their rooms to do there thing. A mix of men but mostly middle aged. 30 Turkish lira to get in"


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