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Pasha Hamam. (10:00-20:00)
Address: Pasa Hamami Street, 2/6 Fatih, Istanbul.  
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This hamam is not very centrally located, and actually the neighborhood is conservative for gay activities. So, it is recommended to straight-acting gay men especially and better be discreet in the vicinity. Located somewhere below Chora/Kariye Museum (walk down Kariye Turbesi street and turn left). If you go by public bus take Edirnekapı buses from Taksim Square or from Eminonu IETT Public bus terminal (next the Galata bridge). Get off at Aci Cesme bus stop, before arriving Edirnekapi. Walk down Salma Tomruk street right next to the Stadium. Enter Pasa Hamami street to your left at the end of Salma Tomruk, when it bifurcates in two streets. It is an old two-storey building with a very small signboard; located on the left, somewhere near the beginning of this narrow Pasa Hamami street named after itself

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Selected Reviews from Yahoo Group for Turkish Gays

October 03 2012
" This hamam is not very centrally located but very pleasant. Nice temperature. Has one 4 rooms inside the hamam, one cooling room outside, also used for shaving pubic hair. Mix of all ages and types. Often lots of action/group. Best time is 14 - 19. Entrance 15 TL."

Dec 31 2011 -  "
I went to the Pasha Hamam this afternoon. Not bad, nothing wrong with the place that a power washer and sand blaster wouldn't fix. Not the easiest place to find, but ok. Just wanted to point out that no one there was using a condom. That set off all the alarms for me, so I mainly just enjoyed watching. One fellow that could speak English said if you wanted your partner to use a condom, you needed to bring them. Not sure if that's the way it is at other hamams, but making a note for the future." 


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