Aquarius Sauna, Istanbul

Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Sadri Alisik Sokak, No: 29 / 1 Taksim / Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Friendly sauna & bath house located in Beyoglu district very close to Taksim square famous with young good looking masseurs unlike other historical Turkish baths. Aquarius Sauna is open round the clock (24 hours) and everyday of the week. If offers facilities such as sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, cafe house and dressing cubicles.

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Nov 30 2016 - "My name is Paolo I am Brazilian and living in Ankara, Turkey' s capital. I have been to Istambul many times and I think that Aquarius is the best gay sauna for a foreigner in Istambul, because it is the only which is overtly gay. The others are much more in the traditional line of turkish hammans, and sometimes I have felt an unfriendly atmosphere in those. my experience have been very kind and friendly with me.

April 08 2014 - "I was at Aquarius Sauna the other night, and had a fantastic time. OK, so it's not spotlessly clean, and most of the "action" is with the massage "boys" (some are definitely men, however!). And yes, I did partake of several of them. The guys were all funny, and seemed to enjoy each others company. But am I wrong to be "supporting" them? One kid was 20, from Syria, and he told me he sends most of his money back to his family. Am I being duped? I am not naive, and I know that there are many stories out there... Please don't judge me, either, because I don't need a lecture on good and evil. In this instance, it seemed like a win-win for both of us:"

Dec 06 2012 - "It was the Aquarius Sauna at Taksim Square, there was nothing covert about this place, the minute my friend and I walked in and paid 30 TL each for a room, it was just big enough for a cot-size bed, no locker in the room, just leave all your clothes and valuable in the room, the receptionist right away called down to have a guy to escort us to our rooms, he walked right behind me to climb one flight of stairs to where the rooms are, and he had his hand on me all the time we were going up the narrow stairs, he left me in my room to change and showed my friend his room a few doors down, I barely have time to take off my clothes and he was back to assist me to put on my towel, he offered me a massage for 200 TL, I declined, he then left me and went to my friend and offered him the same deal, he declined as well. I managed to hooked up a local in the shower who wasn't asking for money. I guess he didn't get too many of those opportunity in places like that. I plan on going back next year to Istanbul and spend a couple of weeks there, I was there in late September and early October for 10 nights, but we were on a guided tour so we spend only 4 nights there and we had very little free time on our own, I will have to do some research and ask the group as to where is the best location to stay apart from Taksim Square where all tourists go. I hope you find the right Hamman and have a good time without worrying about Rent Boys."

Sept 8, 2011 - "Just visited Aquarius sauna and here is my experience:There were maybe three patrons and about 7 rent boys there on a Thursday afternoon. When you enter, one of the boys takes you to your room and immediately offers a massage The massage takes place in a separate massage room and both the massage and rather perfunctory but professional, and the boys are cute (two that I spoke to were Kurdish).Contrary to other reports. I suggest negotiating the price of the massage before agreeing to go ahead with it. The prices are high. And they are very explicit about wanting a tip. One lad changed the agreed upon price and when I reminded him of the original price (agreed to a scant 5 minutes earlier), he backed down immediately."

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