Cihangir Sauna

Address: Altipatlar Sokak, No: 14. Cukurcuma / Beyoglu / Istanbul
It is a senior gay friendly sauna but then they maltreated and dismissed gay people until new people bought the administration in late 2010. The new owners have been trying hard to revitalize the venue and they have regained most of their former gay clients. Open in day time until around 10 pm.

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November 02 2015 "Three of us went to Cihangir Sauna late on a Monday afternoon just a few weeks ago. There is no hamam service (scrub, etc.) or steam at all, only a dark room and Finnish dry sauna, lots of cubicles, and a room with shower stalls. The cubicle has a VERY narrow bench. Staff leaves clients alone and seemed never to come back into the dark hallways or rooms. If saunas had ranking it would be 2-star for the facility and maybe 4-star for activity. Surprisingly busy with 20 or more men, nearly all middle-age or older"

February 13 2015 "Cihangir Sauna - TL 35 for a room to do whatever you want, TL 30 for a locker. The place looks under reconstruction and is not a Turkish hamam per se, is more a western sauna. When I was there some builders were demolishing a wall in the reception. I assume that inside also some reforms are going on, a few areas were closed. Only the sauna, showers, bar, rooms, relaxing room (dark) and a few additional rooms to smoke and massages are in use. Turkish and tourist alike, of different ages. The environment is very open and you feel that everybody is there for only one reason so not much to hide or to be discrete about. The place is not very clean but the staff is nice"

Aug 14 2014 "Chiangir Sauna has some of the facilities of a traditional hamam (limited) but seems much more like a western-style sexclub sauna. There are several halls of baths-style cubicles and a relax room (with beds). When we were there, the relax room and dry sauna were very busy. While there was lots of to-completion play on the beds there, the relax room was often the place to get things started before moving to one of the cubicles. The clientele was very local, very Turkish, and I'd venture that very few (if any) of the Turkish men present self-identify as gay. But they're happy enough that visiting tourists do and (this may be a generalization and un-PC but it was my experience) expect to be serviced. I was skeptical when I read a review pre-visit that suggested"

June 26 2013 - "I paid 30 TL and that included entrance and locker. There are private rooms available instead of locker but they cost extra. No idea how much. Next to reception there are a lot of small lockers. You are advised to put valuables in these, wallet etc,, and keep the key with you. These small lockers are under the watchful eye of the staff. I have never seen "Boys" in here. Doesn't mean they don't exist. I have never been hassled or pressured by anyone. I like it here because it is very friendly and relaxed. There are showers, Sauna, Rest (dark) room, etc. You can buy drinks, water etc and watch TV in an open area. I would recommend the Cihangir to anyone. I am a bit on the shy side myself and I felt very relaxed."

Oct 27 2012 - "Hi to all Istanbul visitors and Hamami fans! I was in Istambul last week, tryed Cihangir Sauna (Hamami). My impression: Absolutly dirty, rum down place. Very humid in all the rooms (like changing room, entrance,...). There is not even a Hamami, like you would expect. A nice marble dome,...They only have a dry sauna, altough this one is quiet new and large. But as I said - very filthy, smelly unfriendly place! I left after beeing there for like 15min."

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