Firuzaga Hamami (10:00-23:00)

Address: Cukurcuma cad, No: 6 Cukurcuma, Beyoglu, Istanbul
A small historical bath house in Beyoglu can be the one most recommended if you want to see the local ambiance. Majority of the visitors are hairy men around 30-50's, though different types and ages can also be seen including many gay tourists. It is located at one end of Cukurcuma street which is famous with the antique shops. If you are coming from Taksim / Beyoglu the best way is to reach there is by walking down Yeni Carsi street from Galatasaray Square , which is the middle of famous pedestrianized street, Istiklal. If you are coming from old city / Sultanahmet, take the tramcar, get off at Tophane station, walk upward some 450 meters along Bogazkesen street and turn right into Cukurcuma street. You will be there in 5-10 minutes.

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November 02 2015 "On Tuesday we went to Firuz Aga Hamam. Its very old and has architectural features you expect like dome roofs with skylights and total marble everywhere. The cabin was nicer but it was on the main level and opened onto the entry room so it would have been tough to take someone back. I had a scrub and bubble treatment that was excellent given by a good-looking young Turkish guy on the hot marble in the center of the room. He was very discreet about keeping my privates covered. There was very little action going on but lots of cruising. Younger crowd and only about 10 guys when we were there in the afternoon. Good place for authentic hamam abience but Cihangir is better for play as long as you're not expecting much in the way of surroundings."

April 07 2015 "Nice local hammam, friendly staff. Typical hammam clientele, a few local bears, touring bears and dirty old queens who keeps flashing (alas no takers). Despite a few unsavoury characters, the scrub and foam massge was pleasing, especially when the masseur is good looking and most "acommodating". Definitely be coming back".

February 13 2015 "Firuzaga Hamam - TL 30 entrance fee, including a little room just to change are relax. TL 10 for each kind of massage (oil, scrub and foam). The building is very nice and well preserved. A real Turkish hamam in all it sense. Fully operating, there is a warm, cold, hot room, sauna, area to smoke and drink (on the reception), toilets, showers and a small dark room. In this hamam action is not that open but things happened. You also feel that everybody is there for the same reason, either to meet someone or to play a bit in the dark room or to do more in the very steamy areas where literally there is so much steam that I doubt someone can see you. When I was there I could not see more than 2 meters ahead. Locals and tourist alike of different ages. I took a massage, the massager was manly, nice and hot; the massage as well, and it was in front of everybody in the warm room on the marble table. "

Aug 14 2014 "FiruzAga Hamam is very traditional and very friendly. Other posts at describe the facility and "how-to" logistics pretty well. To really take advantage of the hamam experience, try the foam bath and scrub. I think they were less than $20 US (combined) and give you the experience without the much higher cost of a massage. It's massage enough; the scrub is very vigorous and the masseur had me slip-sliding all over the marble slab. The foam treatment is interesting; he squeezes suds out one of the pestemal (plaid cloth) wraps which seems like a chef icing a cake. Enjoyable and relaxing. FiruzAga was much more discreet than Chiangir (below) and the only activity we saw was in the dry sauna. It's the newest (2012) addition to the facility and the least hamam-like; somehow that seemed fitting: the local Turkish clientele behaved traditionally in the traditional hamam, but were more "wide-open" in the non-traditional area. We were there on a Sunday evening from around 7:30 to 10:00 and it was comfortably busy."

Oct 27 2012 "I went to FiruzAga Hamami, just a little further down the road.The place does not look very spectacular form the outside. But: What a friendly place! Totally relaxed and yable. Not a tourist trapand very gay-friendly. The action is nowhere near what happens in American bathouses but here is definitely good action here. Do not expect heavy duty action or attitude. This is a great neighborhood hammam where all are welcome and treated warmly.Very little english but they manage to explain the "works" of their hammam very well. Did the soapy rub-down as seen in touristy hammam. Just let yourself go and relax: the whole place is very steamy in all senses of the word. The massage and scrub boys are cute and hot and hetero. They really wash EVERY part of your body! Discretion is not overbearing as all the bathers are open and very friendly without any hassle or attitude at all. What a refreshing experience. The place was always well stocked with a pleasant variety of types including those famous "istanbears". A treat, a real treat! A must go whenever visiting Istanbul: this place is addictive and very satisfying. Thanks Firuzaga for a memorable slice of Instanbul life!!!s."

Oct 22 2012 "We posted awhile back, asking for info and advice about hamams in Istanbul. We chose Firuzaga Hamam and we were not disappointed. To find it you walk up a very steep hill on Bogazkesen Cd. The hamam is on Cukurcuma Cd off to the right. You can see the entrance from Bogazkesen Cd but there was no street sign for Cukurcuma. Entered down some stairs where about 5 younger men waited. They speak very little English but didn't matter. Showed all 3 of us to one larger room located on the balcony and left us with pestemal wrap-arounds and rubber slipons. We stripped and locked the door (seemed very secure). We went back down and they showed the way to the hamam rooms. The hamam (started in 1445!) is very traditional in design with marble floors and walls and lots of carved marble basins with good hot and very cold water from taps with brass spigots. Water runs all the time and it was very clean. The rooms varied in temperture. There is a very large room with the classic hot central gobek tasi and a few guys were lying naked on it. Smaller rooms are cooler and there is a darker sleeping room. They have installed a Finnish-type wooden sauna but we didn't use it. It was 3pm on Saturday and there were already about 8 men there. Cruising was obvious and activity was going on. No staff came through to patrol. One of us got a soap massage by an attractive younger Turkish guy who took him to a private room and locked the door. It lasted 20 minutes (nothing sexual). Our friend said it wasn't like any standard massage he could compare it to but he liked it a lot and came out very relaxed. My other friend and I found a small room to play and guys were coming in and out. Some watched but most left. We all stayed about 3 hours and really enjoyed it. When we left, about 6 more men were there. Everyone looked like he was cruising so it felt completely gay-friendly. As you leave,toss the pestimal in a bin and they give you clean towels. Total cost for 3 (entrance 20L, soap massage 30L, cold water bottles 1L) came to less than 100L, plus a small tip. You pay at the end. One more point: if you're on a cruise, this hamam is about 10 minutes from the new cruise port so you can visit it easily. If you have other questions, email me directly. Have fun!"

Jan 08 2012 "I went to Firuzaga Hamam yesterday and wanted to share my observations with the group. Overall it is a nice place. Like most hamams, it could use a good cleaning. But not bad. There is a main room with a hot stone to sit or lie on, but I found it to be too hot to lie on. Some folks who did were getting towels to actually lie on to insulate them from the heat. Plenty of water of various temperatures in the basins. There are side rooms, one lit and several other darker for more privacy. The one thing I was impressed with was the sauna, very clean and appears well taken care of. The activity seemed a bit slow for a Saturday night, then again I left around 9:30, perhaps it picks up later. it was never real crowded, there was always space to find a place to sit. Folks did appear to be having fun. The hamam alone cost me 20 Tl which I thought was very reasonable. FYI, if I went again, I would come down Meclis-i Mebusan Cd (which runs along the waterfront) and then come up Bogazeken Cd. Firuzaga is located on Cukurcuma Cd just a very short distance off Bogaseken Cd. You can get there by coming down from Taksim Square, but its more difficult in my opinion.

Dec 13 2011 "We too visited the Hamam several times at the end of Nov and early Dec. We agree with this post, and have some observations to add: Each night of the week seems to have a different vibe. On an early weeknight there was a small crowd of mostly local guys who were discrete but wanted to get off. They showed their interest in the sauna or by washing their cocks while showing off in the main washing room. There was very little group action and the guys mostly wanted to pair up for action in one of the side rooms (or even in the main room since it wasn't that busy and no one seemed to worry about the action being seen by others). There were some very attractive and warm men there, as well as a few who just wanted to get off and get on their way. Fridays are very busy - some describe it as "happy hour". Perhaps it's cheaper early on...I don't know but it was quite a free-for-all sexually. There were many more tourists and with them came the overtly sexual behavior they were used to at home. The dark room next to to the sauna was full to overflowing with lots of indiscriminate group sex. The smaller dim hamam room was pretty wild. As we were leaving there was an incident with an elderly man who washed in the hamam and as he left seemed to be complaining in Turkish to the management about the goings-on inside. He was quite agitated and loud. The action inside was pretty outrageous and obvious throughout the rooms. Not discrete at all. I hope the western bath house atmosphere with all the tourists doesn't spoil things for the locals.Sunday was full when we got there at 17:30. We had to wait at the table in the lobby with some tea for a few people to leave before they would let us in. So perhaps there are different hours on Sundays. It was very busy but with a lot of locals. Someone had unscrewed the light in the sauna and there was a lot of action. With so many locals present the action stayed in the darkened side rooms to the side mostly. The massage guys seem very nice. Again, I repeat, I hope the western visitors don't ruin it for the local users. Firuzaga Hamam has a pleasant, if a bit seedy vibe and some of the men like to chat a little and play a lot while enjoying a traditional experience."

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