Horhor Hamami

Address: Hamam Sokak, No: 8 Aksaray, Istanbul.
Another small historical non-touristy hamam located in Aksaray quarter of Istanbul's Fatih district. Do not expect any visible gay scene in this one.  It is located close to Aksaray Metro Station, on a small back street. The venue is expected to be busier in late afternoons / early evenings. 

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April 07 2015 "Went to this hamam this afternoon after 5pm (Tuesday). Typical local hammam. Old but relatively clean. Given a private small cabin with key and a piece of pe┼čtemal. Although the pe┼čtemal can stand by itself, not sure whether it's because of too much starch or ...??? Only local old guys. The main area has a middle warm platform and 4 separate washing areas/rooms around it. The hot room smells of urine. The massage was not good yet the masseur had the cheek to ask for tips. Costs 40TL, plus the manager asked for massage tip before exiting... another 10TL. Walk away... nothing gay here".


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