Istankoy Hamam

Address: 917 Sokak No:6, Kemeralti, Konak, Izmir - Turkey
The sign-board reads Kemeralti Tarihi Hamami (Historical bath of Kemeralti). The hamam is located somewhere behind the Salepcioglu Mosque. Kemeralti is historical part of Izmir's central district of Konak, a traditional shopping quarter with narrow streets housing cinemas, cafes, spice shops, souvenir shops and many others. Apart from the cruisy atmosphere there is not much to be recommended about the venue itself. It is fairly neglected, so do not go there with the expectation of fulfilling your touristy Turkish bath dream. It is very close to a modest and reasonable priced gay bar called Ehl-i Keyf. You can visit the bar after the hamam if you are in the mood for a few drink and get sociable with local gays, mostly bears and straight acting guys.

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