Nur Hamam & Sauna

Address: Hamalbasi Cad. No:14, Beyoglu / Istanbul
Although this is an old historical Turkish bath it recently became popular among local gay people in 2017, especially after they had a dedicated re-opening party on October 8th 2017. It is an old hamam but also has a sauna. Nur Hamam is very easy to reach from Taksim, very close to Galatasaray Square which is the middle of famous walking street called Istiklal. When you come from Taksim direction take the right hand turn to Hamalbasi Street which is across from Galatsaray High School, easily recognizable from its monumental garden gate. After walking some some 150-200 meters you will see the entrance on the right had side of the street. Look a little carefully so as not to miss the entrance door entrance door, because it is under a regular building which does not look like a bath house from outside.

Entrance of Nur Hamam

Istanbul Gay Turkish Bath

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October 13 2017 A new gay friendly Turkish bath has been added to our website. We are waiting reviews from people who visits it.


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