Yesildirek Sifa Hamam

Address:  Tersane Caddesi, No: 124  Azapkapi, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
A mixture of various types, ages of gay people visit here, but most of them are middle aged and mature guys. It writes "Tarihi (Historical) Yesildirek Sifa Hamami" on the sign-board but it is rather known as Sifa hamam or Yesildirek Hamami by local people. It is located right below the eastern leg of Ataturk bridge (also known as Unkapani Koprusu unofficially). This is the second bridge with respect to Galata Bridge over Halic (Golden Horn). The bath house is on the Taksim / Beyoglu side of Ataturk bridge, its entrance facing the Golden Horn. From old city it is short taxi ride away or walk from Karakoy tram station some 15 minutes along the street parallel to Golden Horn. From Taksim you can come with M2 Metro Line in a few minutes and walk backward after get off at Haliç / Golden Horn station. If you want come from Taksim by public bus most of the IETT public buses going to Eminonu passes from Azapkapi / Halic metro bus stop which faces the entrance of the hamam. Ask the driver to make sure it goes to that bus stop and avoid this bus ride in peak traffic times. It is possible to reach here from Taksim square in some 30 minutes, walking along Tarlabasi avenue.

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April 21 2015 " Hi all, I went to Yesildirek yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Please do not be put off by the outside appearance. 25TL entrance fee, which seems pretty standard in Istanbul, although I heard that Firuzaga has raised basic entrance price to 30TL. Place was nice and clean and hassle free. Nice people, certainly a little older than some of the other venues. Also plenty of action. Sadly only stayed about an hour but will try to get back for a longer session soon. Now that the Metro runs to Yenikapi you can get very close by taking Metro to Halic. Take the Karakoy exit and when you get down to the bottom of the stairs the hammam is just across the street."
April 09 2015 "You'd be given a key to a small cabin when you walk in. It is quite a large hammam with 3 separate areas. The first one seems to be specifically for scrub and massage on the middle platform, surrounded by 3 other medium size bathing rooms. The masseurs are old and if you are unlucky you'd get a big hairy one who looks like a trimmed wookie. To get through to the second area, you'd have to walk through a "cold" area which smells like a warm public toilet... but don't let that get to you because once you enter the third area it would be full of really old pensioned bears who keeps flashing to attract unfortunate takers. This area also has a middle platform where there will be plenty of (in a glance) beached walruses. In each ot the 4 surrounding bathing cubicles, there will be one desperate looking occupant, vigorously lathering their private parts. Through to another section is the dry sauna, a toilet cubicle and (supposedly) shower cubicle which commonly used for "connection". There is also a row of open cold water showers if anyone gets too "hot". Needless to say, no one uses it. All in all, if age does not deter you, do endure this place. Otherwise small pickings for young atletic types... I was lucky enough to get my first "Turkish Delight" during my last few days in Istanbul. I must say, one HAS TO BE LUCKY to get any decent pickings here.."

February 13 2015 "Yesildirek Sefa Hamam - TL 25 entrance fee, including a little room just to change and relax. TL 25 for each kind of massage (oil, scrub and foam). The building is in bad conditions. In some corners you can see the pipes coming out and others fill with rust. The whole place smell mustiness and I saw condoms in the floor of the sauna and shower. All the areas have a bad smell. The warm room in compound by a big central marble table and 4 semi closed corners where action take place without much discretion. The marble was cold when I was there so the whole place was not very steamy and warm, I needed to keep on bathing on hot water. Mostly mature Turkish men and very little tourist. "

May 23 2013 - "there is an alternative to Firuz Aga that I visited last week a few times. Yesildirk hamam is not as nice overall as Firuz Aga: not quite as clean, not the same mix of men, and not quite as friendly. But there were plently of friendly local Turks. Discretion is a must."  
June 20 2012 - "I was in Yesildirek today and saw that there was a new guy on staff. It turns out he's a professional masseur. Pros- he's really good- I mean it. He told me he worked at many known hotels. He speaks Turkish and German (but no English). He's reasonably priced- 1 lira per minute. He gave me an excellent 20-minute massage for 20 lira Cons- he massages you on one of those little beds in a room upstairs- not a real massage table. The ambiance is standard hamam- no meditation music, no candle light, just the TV in the background. Regardless of the cons, I think he's amazing and will go back for a message. He didn't try any monkey business- he is strictly a professional masseur. Ask for Cem (pronounced Gem, for those who don't know Turkish names.)"

May 10 21012 - "I went to Yesildirek Hamam half past three (Thurs.) and I paid 35 for entrance and soap massage. Born and raised in Korea, where I used to go to "mokyoktang" almost every week, I knew almost instinctively what to do at a public bathhouse. It was quite funny since it has been forever to go to public bath. I asked for direction, walked into the hamam, looked for faucets I like, sat down and started to wash up and down. The layouts were quite different and it didn't have small and big pools like Korean ones and guys there had a cloth wrapping around the hips, while in Korean ones they just walk around bath and sleep naked, but bigger difference came along when a fit middle aged guy came in to one of the smaller rooms where I was doing the washing. The soap massage was quite similar to the Korean ones I used to get when I was younger, but less emphasis on dead tissue peeling and more on soaping and massaging. I did what I used to do, going to the dry sauna for several minutes and then to a sink to splash on some cold water, but this time with some butt grabbing and smile exchanges. I could hear some wet skin slapping and noisy key clickings but I didn't want to get involved in those, well for my first hamam experience. There was a beautiful guy singing very nicely while washing his smooth (probably shaved) body under the roof that must have been letting just enough lights to lit the hamam for several hundred years. There were many stroking. There was a masseur doing a short patrol to break up gathered crowd. There were many covert interactions remotely and closely also. There was even a guy who followed me out. It was just perfect and my first hamam experience... Well, if I'm leaving out the part where a manager looking guy handed me towels and insisted to do some masage for 5 minutes and charged me 10."

May 13 2012 - "I went to Yesildirek Hamam yesterday evening. Overall its a nice hammam, more historic and typical of the other hammams I've been in here in Istanbul. Rather easy to find being right next to the Ataturk bridge. However, no real action going on, even as the evening wore on. Seemed to be a much older crowd. I left around 8:30 yesterday evening."

Apr 30 2012 - "I was there today about 10 am on a Monday. I love the change. Only about 6 guys total- most old and heavy, but one younger, cute guy. This place probably rocks on a Friday or Saturday night- but during the day, very mellow and no pressure. 21 TL. Not sure of the opening and closing times."

Apr 29 2012 - "Was in Yesildirek yesterday. Like the previous member wrote, it has now opened a new section. The old section is now closed. I have been there several times over the years and I must say I preferred it then instead if now. Before it was smaller and lesser known and there were more straight/bi locals and the action was more *covert*. Now it seems it has become just another Firuzagha with a lot more gays, many overtly so, a lot more foreigners, and it is no longer covert. To me, this loses it's appeal as a Turkish hamam. It has become just another gay bathhouse."

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