Yesildirek Sifa Hamam

Address:  Tersane Caddesi, No: 124  Azapkapi, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
A mixture of various types, ages of gay people visit here, but most of them are middle aged and mature guys. It writes "Tarihi (Historical) Yesildirek Sifa Hamami" on the sign-board but it is rather known as Sifa hamam or Yesildirek Hamami by local people. It is located right below the eastern leg of Ataturk bridge (also known as Unkapani Koprusu unofficially). This is the second bridge with respect to Galata Bridge over Halic (Golden Horn). The bath house is on the Taksim / Beyoglu side of Ataturk bridge, its entrance facing the Golden Horn. From old city it is short taxi ride away or walk from Karakoy tram station some 15 minutes along the street parallel to Golden Horn. From Taksim you can come with M2 Metro Line in a few minutes and walk backward after get off at Haliç / Golden Horn station. If you want come from Taksim by public bus most of the IETT public buses going to Eminonu passes from Azapkapi / Halic metro bus stop which faces the entrance of the hamam. Ask the driver to make sure it goes to that bus stop and avoid this bus ride in peak traffic times. It is possible to reach here from Taksim square in some 30 minutes, walking along Tarlabasi avenue.

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