Turkish Baths and Hammams in Bursa

The list of bath houses in Bursa.  Historical and other sauna, hammams and bath houses in Bursa including maps, pictures, videos and guest reviews

Bursa Hamam

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Historical and Tourist Hammams in Bursa

Theses are the good samples of the historical bath houses in Bursa, visited mostly by tourists and comparatively wealthier Turkish people . These venues are recommended to people who care about service quality, cleanliness and fine architecture.

Timurtas (Demirtas) Pasha Hamam
Address: Demirtaşpaşa Mh. Bursa - Google Map
It was built by Demirtas Pasha’s son Oruc Bey at the end of the 14th century during the Yildirim Bayezid era. The hamam was in ruins for a long time and it was repaired in 1987 to function as a hamam again. It is being used as a hamam today. Open between 10:00-17:00 o'clock.

Dayioglu Hamam
Address: Ebu İshak Mh. 16230 Bursa Turkey‎ - Google Map
Located at the west side of Gokdere and in the vicinity of At Pazari (horse market), the Dayioglu Hamam is also called the At Pazari Hamam. First record regarding the structure dates back to 1605. However, the structure is very likely to have been built before this date. The water of the hamam comes from Gokdere. The Dayioglu Hamam is a double-hamam typology hamam. Even though the hamam was busy until the end of 1950 and was closed periodically, it has been serving the neighborhood today

Nasuhpasa Hamami
Setbasi (Osmangazi), 16010 Bursa, Turkey - Google Map
It was built near the Setbasi Bridge at the end of the 15th century by the Grand Vizier Mesih Mehmed Pasha who served during the Sultan Bayezid II. era. Due to Mevlana Nasuh and his son Mehmed being the trusteeship of the hamam, it was named as Nasuh Pasha Hamam. When the hamam was first built, it was a double-hamam but because the costs weren’t being met, the women’s section of the hamam was torn down in 1588 by the order of the kadi (Islamic judge) and the income was spent on the men’s section. The structure is being used as a hamam today and it largely preserving its authenticity with its current state.

Map of Bursa Hammams


Local Sauna, Hammam and Turkish Baths in Bursa

The list of smaller, less touristy neighborhood bath houses mostly attended by local people. These local hammams are also usually cheaper, so they would be recommended to those who are on a budget or to people who want to experience less touristy atmosphere. Most of these are only serving male custommers and some are popular among local men.

Yeni Kaplica Hamami
Address: Yeni Kaplica Cd, No:6, Çekirge, Bursa, Turkey
Cekirge district is one of the oldest settlement part of modern Bursa. It is popular wit many spas establishments and historical baths, due to abundant hot spring sources.

Kara Mustafa Buyuk Kaplica
Address : Cekirge, Kaplicalar district, Bursa
This venue was recommended by a website visitor and described as below:
The Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamam consists of three rooms - a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. They are supplied with all the facilities that you may need for your pleasant stay. There are also dressing rooms and rest rooms. Kaplicalar district is named after / famous with many spas and hot spring resorts.

Cekirge Hamami
Address: I. Murat Caddesi, Cekirge Mh. Bursa - Google Map
It has private cubicles. It can be visited just as a nice hamam. Pretty cheap. Located at the vicinity of Bursa Cekirge below the road level of I. Murad Street, the Cekirge Hamam was built in the XIV. Century in 1365. Its entrance is several steps below the road and the top of the hamam’s door is decorated with a brick motif that looks like sea waves.


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